Reclaim, Resurrect, Repair

Bolster Your Army with Reclaim, Resurrect, Repair


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"Three R's to maximize your presence"

Make sure to know what the three R's mean - They can save your life (literally).

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Reclaiming is the process of converting units, wreckages or trees and rocks into resources. It's an incredibly important gameplay consideration both during and between unit engagements.


Units with buildpower, like constructors and resurrection bots, you are able to use the reclaim command to harvest metal from these wreckages at no cost.

Resurrection bots are a very popular due to their high buildpower and speed. They are fragile, though being stealthy means they will not show up on enemy radars.

Area Reclaim

Harvesting the map

Maps may have trees or rocks containing metal and/or energy resources. You can reclaim them using to obtain their full resource values.

On maps with lots of features to reclaim, consider to get early resurrection bots and take full advantage!

Live units

You can reclaim live units by removing hitpoints at a rate proportional to buildpower. When hitpoints reach 0%, you receive the full metal value of the unit or building..

You are able to reclaim both your units and enemy units. Construction turrets in your base can contribute sizeable damage against raids. Use extra buildpower to (quickly) reclaim buildings or units you no longer need and recycle their resources.


Every wreckage, that hasn't been destroyed into debris, can be resurrected using the resurrection bots found in the T1 bot lab. Resurrection takes time and costs 50% of the original energy cost of the unit.

Rez & Repair

When the resurrection progress bar is full, the unit is brought back to life without hitpoints. After resurrection it will be repaired to full health.

Single Resurrect

Unlike reclaim, resurrection has an energy cost proportional to the assisting buildpower and the unit's original energy cost. It's cheaper than producing a new unit and requires no metal.

If a portion of a wreckage has already been reclaimed, you are still able to resurrect the wreck. The resurrect action will automatically restore any partially reclaimed wrecks before beginning with the resurrection.

Resurrection is powerful, allowing units to come back for a 100% metal and 50% energy discount.

Area resurrect

You can quickly resurrect every wreck in a circle with the area resurrect command.


Repairing keeps live units healthy. Repair has no resource cost, which is why it's incredibly important to use to keep an edge over your opponent.

Any constructor (including resurrection bots) is able to issue a repair command, which restores hitpoints at a rate proportional to the constructor's buildpower and the unit's buildtime cost.

Repairing costs no resources, only the buildpower of the constructor.
Single Repair & Area Repair