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The basics on how radar works in BAR, and specific game-mechanics on accuracy and identification.

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Radar is vital for alerting to incoming attacks.

Cortex Radar

Radar is an early warning system that increases your awareness of enemy movement, in the fog of war. Radar blips are not accurate, leading to missed targets when your units are firing at blips into the fog of war.

To maximize your accuracy, it's necessary to have visual line of sight to your targets.

Radar effectiveness is impacted by terrain, e.g. placement behind a mountain blocks radar. The green radar coverage is shown when building or selecting a radar structure. The maximum radar range is marked with a dotted green line.

Dark areas with diagonal lines have no Line of Sight and no radar coverage.

When unidentified enemies enter radar coverage, they appear as unkown dots. However, once you establish visual contact, their unit icon will be identified and remembered whenever they move out of your line of sight.

Shooting at radar blips, identified or not, will often result in missed shots

Armada Targeting Facility

Increasing your radar accuracy

You can build a Targeting Facility to increase your radar accuracy with 50% for your whole team. Build 3 facilities for near perfect targeting.

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