A small selection of the unique gameplay features of BAR



All units and projectiles are simulated in real-time. The game offers fully simulated projectile ballistics, explosion physics and terrain deformation.

Ballistic projectiles have a realistic travel-arc to reach it's target. Rockets can run out of fuel, lasers do less damage at (long) range and explosions, fire and electrical weapons have a proper area of effect.



Terrain has a realistic impact on battles. Radar gets blocked by mountains, vehicles will slow down going uphill, flanking imparts an advantage and retreating artillery units can't fire backwards.

Holding the high ground is important, as ballistic weapons will shoot further and high trajectory weapons do more damage.


Economy system

With infinite resources comes infinite choice.

When done right, you can exponentially grow your economy, but it will be hard to pull off!. Divide and balance your income and expenditure of Metal and Energy.

Useful tools like active/passive build-modes, pause, auto-upgrade and area-commands can help you master your economy, which will aid your warfare capabilities and propel you to victory.


Units and weapons

Each and every unit in the game has a role to fill. Mix-and-match units to create the right combinations and counters for practically any situation.

Knowing your arsenal and all of it's pros and cons is essential to becoming an effective commander. Each and every unit has it's counters.

A well controlled group of Pyros can be more effective than three nukes, and vice versa.



Various videos from different streamers & players to get a first impression of Beyond All Reason.