Code of Conduct



We like to keep the BAR ecosystem as fun and welcoming as possible, hence we prepared a simple set of rules to regulate our online community. These rules apply to all games hosted in official BAR battlerooms and within the Lobby chat.

All of us are responsible for creating and contributing to a positive community and all of us can be held accountable so please take time to read this. You will be notified or held accountable for your actions regardless of whether or not you have read this.

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All our players deserve to be a part of our community and play BAR and enjoy the supportive, friendly and welcoming experience.

People disturbing or not respecting this will be reminded where needed. We reserve the right to suspend your account, and/or IP address, for any committed infraction detailed below. At the root of our expectation is for players to be civil and nice to each other; of course there is room for competitiveness and we don't mind friendly banter but in short, be nice to each other.

How we'd like everybody to play BAR online

  • Be nice to other players, just as you would like to be treated by others.
  • Give a helping hand to (new) players when they don't yet master skills/mechanics. Try to explain things or suggest how to improve.
  • Have fun playing the game together. Competitive play with high-adrenaline is awesome. Remember that losing can also be (extra) fun for the other team.
  • Try to find people that like your play-style - There's lots of ways to play BAR, and no one is 'better' than the other - Most important thing is that people enjoy the time they spend in BAR.
  • If you would like BAR to succeed in growing into a game that is played by thousands of people (so you have lots more possible friends, faster matchmaking, more challenge, more tournaments, etc.) then try to behave your very best. A healthy community can do all this, and by simply being friendly you can help BAR to grow!

What to do when you see this code of conduct not being followed

We have only so many moderators and despite the large amounts of ☕ they consume they cannot be everywhere at once. There are three steps you can take when you see something inappropriate, depending on how severe the issue is depends on which step you can take:

  • Report it: Sometimes something is bad enough it needs to be reported, in such case you can do it by right-clicking on players name, and choosing "report" from the dropdown. Alternately you can submit the report using the following link: and finding the relevant match, then click the "players" tab and report the user from there.
  • In case of having an active griefer in a game, don't retaliate with force, instead use some of available the self-moderation tools. Note that retaliating against grieving may result in moderation actions being taken against you. If you believe it is necessary to prevent someone from persisting in their abusive behavior, try:
    - pausing the game (Pause|Break button or /pause command)
    - !kickban <playername> - calls a vote to kick from the lobby and temporarily ban
    - make sure to explain it in chat so that others know why they should vote him out
    - in case of verbal harassment or spamming you can also call a !mute vote
  • Offer support: If you see someone bullying someone else then stick up for them. This can be publicly by calling out bad behavior or privately messaging the person in question and giving them encouragement.
  • Mute individually - you can do it by right-clicking on players name in lobby and hosing "ignore" form the dropdown menu. To do it ingame use ctrl+left click on their name in the player list.

Section A - Be nice to each other

This section contains things which are less specific and often less problematic in small doses; they're also things people may do by mistake. While they are reportable in most cases communication and education will bring about a better result.

1. We are a community

  1. Respect for all other members is mandatory
  2. Harassment and baiting of any community member, including developers and contributors, is not acceptable

2. Harassment or bullying

  1. Saying "it was just a joke" does not excuse this either; it's only a joke if all parties find it funny (including 3rd parties if it’s in a public situation)
  2. Harassment includes flaming players for using strategies which may seem subjectively suboptimal (high-risk tactics like commander-drops and such) or just low skill plays.

3. Team games

  1. Disregarding the teamwork part of team game when done notoriously can result in you being ostracized from team games
  2. You don't have to do everything an ally says but at the same time you are part of the team not against it; this includes giving allies an appropriate amount of space to build and respecting their claim to the available resources on the map

4. Spoiling games

  1. Dragging out clearly won games is poor form and undesirable
  2. Players may leave games for a variety of valid reasons. Players who make a habit of leaving ongoing matches extremely early risk being met with moderation action. Matches thought to suffer from issues (balance, bugs etc.) require a restart and can be stopped by calling a stop vote with `!cv stop` in chat.
  3. Leaving a game very early because you don't like the teams is also not acceptable, instead call a stop vote `!cv stop`. Note that leaving mid-game is acceptable as you are unlikely to disadvantage your allies to such an extent. If abused persistently it will be moderated.

Section B - Rules for us all to have fun

These are much clearer cut rules and reporting is a completely acceptable first response. If a moderator sees one of these take place they will likely use a formal warning as a starting point.

1. Inappropriate topics

  1. It is not okay to promote illegal or damaging topics including but not limited to gambling, drug use, self-harm, crypto scams and the like
  2. Some of these can be discussed in the appropriate locations but this is a game and generally not a place for sharing these topics

2. Discrimination

  1. Discriminating against someone for who/what they are is not acceptable, discrimination can take the form of speech but also actions (e.g. kicking them from games)
  2. It is completely acceptable to discriminate in this fashion as a response to problematic behavior but be careful not to cross the line to vigilantism
  3. Abuse especially on the grounds or context of sexism, racism, homophobia, disability, religion, ancestry and similar is never acceptable

3. Offensive names

  1. Nicknames and clan tags must not be offensive or inappropriate
  2. Impersonation of other players and real-life figures is also forbidden
  3. An account which doesn't abide by this rule will be suspended until it gets renamed

4. Griefing

  1. Griefing or actively working against your team is against the rules
  2. Examples of griefing include teamkilling, purposefully hurting/imprisoning, capturing or reclaiming allied units without consent or consistently throwing games with the intent to deny other team members a potential win
  3. Pausing when not needed with the intent to disrupt the game or purposefully unpausing to disrupt someone reconnecting without waiting a reasonable amount of time is also a form of griefing
  4. If you are done with a game then resign; self destructing all your units in a team game can ruin the game for your team and is not acceptable
  5. Attempting to exploit the player skill rating system, either by dumping by losing on purpose or boosting with an alternative account (“smurf”) accounts falls under this section
  6. Smurf accounts will be banned and warnings applied to the originating account

5. Unfair Advantages

  1. Custom widgets used on public servers must be made publicly available, we have a section on the discord specifically for it - #widget-downloads
  2. Purposefully passing on consequential information to a game in progress via things like spectator mode (we understand mistakes happen occasionally) is obviously a form of cheating
  3. Exploiting bugs, hacking or spec cheating (second account to view the game as a spectator) can result in swifter and more stringent responses than the above items

6. Communications abuse

  1. Abuse of the ping or draw functions to obscure teammate’s view is abuse
  2. Inappropriate drawings (hate-symbols and such) are also communications abuse
  3. This includes flooding/spamming chat or calling repeated (pointless) votes
  4. Repeatedly joining rooms when asked to leave (e.g. by a closed group of friends who want to play together) is also not acceptable

7. Abuse of the reporting/moderation system

  1. False or intentionally erroneous reports can result in loss of your ability to submit reports
  2. Trying to misrepresent the rules, especially to newer players is not acceptable

Section C -  Unacceptable behavior

These items are completely unacceptable. They will very rarely result in a warning to start with and in some cases can warrant permanent bans from a first offence. Given the severity of these items please report them and feel free to open a discord ticket for the moderation team to help ensure it’s noticed quickly.

1. Malicious behavior

  1. This covers behavior of malicious intent towards both players and the game team
  2. Constructive feedback is always welcome; griping and complaining is understandable.
  3. Constant unwarranted negative information and misinformation intended to cast a negative light on the project or contributors is considered malicious.
  4. This includes taking credit for things you did not contribute to in the game; people have worked very hard on it for free and trying to take that away is not acceptable.

2. Malicious speech

  1. Hate speech, calls for a person to harm themselves, real-life threats, celebration of horrific events are all regarded as unacceptable
  2. Scams, malware, spam, phishing are instantly bannable

3. Hacking

  1. Attempting to hack another player's account or the game infrastructure is not acceptable
  2. If you wish to perform security testing contact the developers
  3. If you identify a vulnerability by mistake please take care to not exploit it, instead speak to the developers, we'd be very happy to learn about the vulnerability

4. Doxxing

  1. Revealing personal or identifiable information about another player they've not already revealed themselves is not allowed.

5. Circumvention of moderation

  1. If you've been banned, don't try to create a new account to get around it.
  2. Extra accounts will be banned and repeated offences will escalate the initial punishment

Appeals of Moderation Action

If you feel that you have been the target of an erroneous or unjust moderation action, then you may appeal to the head of moderation on Discord via private messaging. Please note that the burden of proof also stands upon you, so please make sure to collect any replays or logs that you feel outline why the action was unjust. Complaining about moderation actions publicly or harassing moderators will not help your case.

We hope you never need to visit/read this page, because that would mean everybody already understands that being nice is simply awesome.