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The ultimate Realtime
Strategy Game

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Outsmart your foes
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Every unit, projectile and explosion simulated in real-time


Scale and Realism

Command thousands of units, with every single one  using it’s own AI to move and fight.

All units and projectiles are simulated real-time. We use a game-engine that values physics, because these are fun and create various opportunities most straight-forward RTS games don't offer.


Importance of terrain

The shape of every battlefield in-game imposes which strategies work and which units are effective to use. No two maps will play the same. The game features unit classes characterized by what kind of terrain they are best to use in.

Choose between Bots, Vehicles, Aircraft, Ships, Hovercrafts, Amphibious and All-terrain units to work your way to victory.

The landscape in BAR is fully deform-able. Hence, explosions could redefine the rules of the game..


Resources & Strategies

BAR doesn’t limit your strategies in terms of resources.

Want to humiliate your enemies by disarming them within few precise early strikes? No problem. Prefer to build up and obliterate them with a thousand bombers? We got you covered!

Immerse yourself in a world where the only real limitation to the scale of the battle is what your CPU can handle!

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394 units

Unique and with a purpose

You will be able to distinguish each and every unit on the battlefield due to sublime modeling, texturing and overall styling, strategic icons and behavior. Moreover, each unit has it's own and unique role, which also means there are 392 ways to fight your enemy.

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The Total Annihilation Inspired RTS everyone was waiting for is coming...