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Learn how the strategic icons are structured


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Icon Structure

Learn how the strategic icons are structured

There well over 400 units in BAR, and they all have a unique strategic icon.
Thats a lot!

But there is a well structured system behind it. We'll explain the key elements in all strategic icons that will help you find you units quicker.

Unit Types / Shapes

Each unittype has it's own silhouete or shape. You can quickly see this. Below are all the unit-types in BAR:


Everything that is walking and has legs and/or arms is defined by a Circle.


Everything with wheels or tracks and can only move on land is defined by a Diamond.


Every plane that needs to move in order to fly, which can of course traverse all the map, but can only land on land is defined by a Triangle.


Every hovering aircraft that can also take-off/land vertically and some can also land on sea or even underwater are defined by a inverse Triangle.


Every unit that can traverse on land & under water is defined by an elongated Hexagon. Amphibious bots have a flattened bottom.


All units that hover on land & over water ar defined by a Trapezoid.


All water based units that need (deep) water to move are defined by a square with a rounded side.


All underwater based units that need deep water to move are defined by a Sub shape.


All buildings and structures in the game are (generally) defined by a Square.


All defensive buildings are (generally) defined by a Shield.

Tech Levels

These are the little dots (usually) on the bottom of the icon.

No dots is Tech Level 1
2 dots is Tech Level 2
3 dots is (Experimental) Tech Level 3

There is a special case with 1 dot, which are for the Seaplanes - which are substantially stronger than T1 aircraft.

Weapons / Roles

The most important part of the strategic icon is the weapontype or role.

The weapon symbol determines exactly what unit this is. There are many weapon types in the game, but all have their unique icon, which also be a unique combination of unit-type, techlevel, shape and weapon.

Light Weapons / Scout

The arrow to the right indicates this is fast unit, usually with light lasers or light machine-gun weapons.

Mortar / Artillery

Long range, High damage but slow reload.

Plasma Shells

Default Cannons for a lot of bots, vehicles and ships.


Both guided and unguided rockets.


Direct fire, usually in short bursts, perfect aim and often with an energy-cost.

Anti-Air (AA)

These can be rockets or Flak cannons.


Units with radar and longer line of sight.


Block radar coverage.

Fire / Flamethrower

Shortrange, but massive damage and area of effect.

Lightning Cannons

Short direct bursts of electricity, also arcing to adjacent units.


Dropped from aircraft only. 2 Bombs are regular bombs, 3 bombs are extra volatile.


Can be in the form of lasers, rockets or bombs.


Unguided, but do maximum damage to ships.

Support Units

Then there are special icons for all support and construction units.


These can be of all unit types and have the ability to construct, repair and reclaim.


Resurrect-bots are very important. They can repair and reclaim, but they can also resurrect fallen units.

Fast Assist & Repair

Fast Assist & Repair Bots . They are fast and can repair and reclaim, and can also build some units or defenses on the front.

Spy / Cloak

Specialist in cloaking and spying on enemy activity and/or beyond their lines.


The name says it all.

Unique Silhouettes

There are more icons that have a unique shape, usually recognizable as the same shape of the unit.

But every unique unit icon is a variant or combination of the above. There is a handful of exceptions to these rules, but you'll find that these icons belong to higher tech-levels or even experimental ones.

You will learn them fast enough once you build or better yet, encounter them :)

Good Luck!

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