Get in on the fun

It's alpha+!

Which means it's very playable for most people, though there might be bugs. Ask around on Discord if you run into problems.

Minimum Requirements

CPU: Dual core 2.7ghz CPU / newer than 2010
RAM: 12 GB
Recommended: 16 GB RAM & Install BAR on a SSD (4 GB free disc space)
Windows 10 or Linux Libraries not older than versions in Ubuntu 18.04

We advise keeping at least 20GB of available space to accommodate the downloading of extra maps and storing replays and screenshots.

How to Play

1. Download the launcher

Download your preferred version of the installer. We strongly advise installing this on a SSD.

Download Linux AppImage
check required dependencies

If you are new to Linux, we recommend reading what AppImage is on, especially the wiki section.

Unfortunatelly we can't embeded everything in the AppImage, so we expect following tools and libraries to be present in the system: FUSE+LibFUSE2, SDL2, OpenAL, NSS3, GTK3 and binutils. Most of them should be already installed in your system.

Below are install commands for some of the most popular distributions and their derivatives:

Debian/Ubuntusudo apt-get install libsdl2-2.0-0 libopenal1 fuse libfuse2 libgtk-3-0 libnss3 binutils

sudo dnf install SDL2 openal-soft fuse-libs fuse gtk3 binutils

sudo pacman -S sdl2 fuse2 openal gtk3 alsa-lib nss binutils
Also make sure you have installed some sound backend for OpenAL like pulseaudio or pipewire.

Running the AppImage file

To run the downloaded file, you need to make it executable, and run it. For example in command line:
chmod +x path/to/file/Beyond-All-Reason-X.XXXX.X.AppImage

For Windows, choose User or System install. Make sure, on new updates, to select the same choice (User or System) as you did during install!

2. Run the launcher

Run the launcher (and if prompted, allow it to make connections), and click the big blue ''Update" button to start the update proces. This will download all latest assets and can take a while. The launcher will also restart if it got updates as well.

PS. We update the game multiple times per day, so make sure to update.

3. Start the game

After successful updates you can click ''Start" and Play BAR for free!

On your first launch you can register a new player account. Please fill in the credentials. E-mail needs to be entered and valid to play online. You will receive an activation e-mail. Also try to remember your password! :)


Download map-pack

Currently there's only a few maps included in the download. You can download our full map-pack, we also use on our servers. Unpack/download all map files (mapnames.sd7) into your game-folder:

  1. right click on the launcher » open install directory
  2. unpack to /maps


If you need to reinstall BAR (on Windows) » use the appropriate uninstall procedure.

Do a proper uninstall first

Do this through "add or remove programs" in the windows settings system. A new install will then work properly.

Discord Icon

We highly recommend to join our Discord

All development updates, tech support, finding friends and all player and developer communication takes place on Discord.

Join our BAR Discord Channel

No strings attached, and check out all the info and install instructions (and get live help) there.

Discord is the ideal place for you to find answers if you run into any issues or need help with installation.

You might also want to check #known-issues or check the #support-bugs forum and search for your problem there.