BAR is currently in Alpha

Get in on the fun!

play the game right now

It's alpha+!

Which means that it might be so that the current build does not work for you, and might even not be playable on your system/config. So don't get your hopes up and also expect some asking around if you (possibly) run into problems.

For now, Discord is the only place where you can find the links and how-to install it.

Because we're working on the installer, and still have multiple options open for what lobby-game/menu-system we want to use, there are multiple ways to play BAR.

The one we're focussing on is the custom made BAR lobby. This looks something like this:

Check the #bar-download channel for further instructions!

We also use a custom Spring Lobby server

Besides our efforts to build our own lobby system, the official Spring Lobby Client is also capable of playing/running BAR. Please connect to our Discord Server, there you will find the server login codes.