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What are the main differences between Armada and Cortex?‍

Perhaps you want to pick a faction to master based on your playstyle, or simply want to know what the opposition is up to. Though these two factions may seem similar at first, looking a bit deeper reveals two philosophical differences between the two opposing sides:

Cortex preferring brute force strategies with units with marginally better stat lines

Armada sacrifices some cost efficiency for finesse strategies with huge impact but high specialization.

All the way from the starting tier 1 units to the massive tier 3 experimentals, differences can be seen, giving each faction a very unique set of options to deal with the enemy threat. Queue up some of the following strategies next time you play as a certain faction:

Strategies to make the best use of Armada’s arsenal:

  • Terrorize your enemy with early game Ticks, giving you an unparalleled early harassment threat that can pass through hills and tough terrain.
  • Include some Janus rocket tanks with your main tank army to dish out burst damage and beat the enemy in difficult attrition wars.
  • Never forget an unexpected air raid—the tier 2 Liche atomic bomber can be a devastating bomber that can destroy fusion reactors and tier 2 factories with a single bomb, while the Stiletto emp bomber can stun entire armies at once with its area of effect emp bombs.
  • Kill entire tier 1 armies with the Gunslinger, a tier 2 skirmish bot that regenerates health quickly and gains range with every shot it lands.
  • You might want to include the Pulsar tachyon accelerator near your front line, doing bursts of over 10,000 damage at 1400 range, a surefire way to tell the enemy to keep away!

Add the following units to your lineup when playing as *Cortex*:

  • Bring the Shuriken stun drone (tier 1 aircraft) to paralyze entire enemy armies or frontlines where they forget anti-air, or simply use it to halt all incoming raids in their tracks.
  • Use the tiny Grunt infantry bots to kite enemy pawns and dominate with sheer numbers.
  • Sneak a Commando paratrooper bot into the enemy base and obliterate the opposition by building mines directly where it hurts, or even start reclaiming their buildings to use the metal for yourself!
  • Eat up entire swarms of infantry with the Pounder riot tank, which has a large area of effect and flings enemies backwards, ensuring you never get caught on the bad end of a swarm.
  • Respond to enemy static defenses with the Catalyst tactical nuke launcher, which load deadly tactical nukes which cannot be shot down and take down armies and turrets alike from afar.
You can see the differences between given units using our Compare Interface!

Still not sure which faction you want to play? If you love rushing the enemy, Armada may prove to be the faction for you with its powerful ticks and pawns, and almost 20% cheaper wind turbines. If you enjoy longer, strategic games, Cortex may shine with its endgame Juggernauts and Behemoths, the most expensive and tanky mobile units. But as always, the best way to figure out what works best for you is to hop into a game and try your favorite strategies out!

~credit to Zow for the writeup

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