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How can I fix Live Stream Stutter?

If you experience strange stutter, or weird 'lag' on your live-stream (though not in-game) you need to do this in OBS:

  1. Use ''Game Capture'' as your input
  2. Capture Specific Window is usually best. Use [spring.exe] : Beyond All Reason
  3. Check Limit capture framerate
  4. Set Ingame Display Mode to Windowed, not Full screen. You can set this in the Lobby:

You can also try to use ''V-sync" which you can toggle in-game in settings.
Other streamers have also found solutions for other software by limiting capturing frame-rate.

If Limit capture framerate does not give the desired result, you can also try to force the application to run on 60 FPS, f.e. with a tool like Riva Tuner.

Recommend setup for OBS

If you want to know how to config your OBS setup for (live)streaming / recording, please check out this FAQ

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