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Can I play custom music?

Yes, you can.

Do the following in order to get your own music, in the dynamic music system in-game:

  1. Go to your BAR install path and go to data/music/custom/
  2. In custom folder, create following folders: peace, warlow, warhigh, war, gameover, menu
  3. We support MP3 and OGG. Make sure it's in one of these formats.
  4. Copy all your MP3's or OGG's to the appropriate folders
You can turn off the original soundtrack in Sound settings in-game.

Peace - Music that plays when there's no or very little combat going on
WarLow - Music that plays when there's low intensity combat going on
WarHigh - Music that plays when there's high intensity combat going on
War - Music in this folder is added to both WarLow and WarHigh playlists
BossFight - Music that plays in final boss battle in Raptors and Scavengers gamemode
GameOver - Music played on the results screen
Menu - Music played in lobby.
Loading - Music that plays on battle loading screen.

PS. You can also copy music directly to custom folder, which then gets added to all playlists except gameover and menu, but we don't recommend it.

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