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How does BAR compare to Supreme Commander (FAF)

There are quite a lot of similarities, drawing inspiration from the same titles

Here is a quick list of possibly the main differences in the comparison.

  • BAR presents a more vanilla gameplay, closer to the roots of the genre, while wrapping it in a modern, fresh package.
  • BAR is able to handle more things with less or no lag (battle with up to 3K units will play lag-free and up to 60+ fps with modern (3-4yo) hardware.
    Side note: With the latest AMD Ryzen CPUs with 3D cores, f.e. the 7950X3D and a GTX4070 you can have up to 6-7K units with 70+ fps
  • SupCom has larger maps » or at least it takes units longer to cross a map - BAR is more intimate and generally has a tad smaller maps
    However, this little decrease in size, as we see it, is the sweet-spot for an RTS where you want to both be in strategic-zoom and in (closer-up) tactical-zoom levels - so you can enjoy the real battles more from up-close, instead of (mainly) moving strategic icons around.
  • BAR has much higher quality maps in general. Finer details and higher resolution textures (up to 16K) give maps in BAR more character.
  • BAR possibly has quite some more / useful / interesting commands / features / options that can make playing and controlling your units easier. We have had several players from SupCom FAF talking after playing with BAR controls, they now don't want to go back to SupCom FAF anymore.
  • Supcom (FAF) has 4 factions each with around 101 units per faction » BAR has 2 factions with around 195 units per faction.
    Side note #1: BAR has a 'Scavenger Faction' with all but slightly modified units from the 389 regular units from Armada/Cortex + 21 unique Scavenger units.
    Side note #2: BAR has 50 unique alien chicken/raptor monsters, including 6 queens, you can fight.
    Side note #3: BAR is working on a 3rd faction called the Legion.
  • Supcoms T3 Experimentals are bigger. BAR T3 Experimentals are a little smaller, but since they also less costly, chances are quite better to actually see them in a game of BAR than Supcom
    Side note: BAR also has T4 Units for the Scavenger Faction that are really big and super deadly.
  • Supcoms Interface looks more polished and has some nice eco-info stats and intel.
    Side note #1: We are working on our new UI system that will offer a lot more structure and polish and can also hold animations.
    Side note #2: There is work being done on a new massive team-eco-stats widget to give you all the info you need, especially useful for spectating and casting game.

By the way, if you are coming from Supcom/PA or other related game you will probably find this guide very useful.

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