Objects & Grass [4]

How to add objects and grass to your map


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We will explain how place objects in your map with Springboard and how to export and convert them to work inside your map.

You will also learn how to create grassmaps, optionally directly from within World Machine, but also how to edit this in-game.

Prepare you map for Springboard

1. How to Prepare your map

Learn how to prepare your map, before you open/edit your map in Springboard.

Needed tools:

1. A Photo-editor like Photoshop or Gimp
2. World Machine
3. Springboard

List of tools and useful links

1.1 Add the objects to your map

You need to add all the objects you want to place in your map. Objects, also called ''Features'' consists of:

  • Feature script files (.lua)
  • Object 3D model files (.s3o)
  • Textures

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2. Placing objects in Springboard

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3. How to get grass in your map

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3.1 How to tweak your grass in-game

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