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How to work with normal, specular, reflect and DNTS splatmaps


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We will explain how get the additional maps (normal maps, specular maps) in shape, what formats to use, and how the DNTS splatmap works, including DNTS painting in Springboard.

What will you learn

Improve results

How to make your maps 10x more awesome

You will learn how the various additional maps, inside your /maps/ subfolder in your .sd7 file work. They use different/unique settings/formats and compression, so read carefully how to make & prepare them correctly.

Needed tools:

1. A Photo-editor like Photoshop or Gimp
2. NVDTT converter tools

List of tools and useful links

1. Making the maps

With the proper World Machine export, you should already have these files exported, ready to be converted (or edited).

1.1 Normals

How to make the best normalmaps

1.2 Specular

How to make the best specularmaps

1.3 Reflect

How to make the (optional) reflectionmap

Soon more intel...

2. Making a DNTS Splatmap

Here we will explain how to make or edit your DNTS splatmap.
Do this well, and this will make your map look 5x as awesome and have 5x more detail.

List of tools and useful links

Soon more intel...

3. Convert / Compress

Here we will explain how to convert your exported/edited normal, specular, reflect, and splat maps the right way.

Soon more intel...

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