Map Playtesting [6]

Ready to test, tweak and then release?

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When you have done step 1-5 correctly you should be able to play a good looking map!

However, the most important part would be if the gameplay is also good!

So what should you check/test in order to get to that ''BAR CERTIFIED'' map?

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1. Pathing

Every map should have very clear visual & technical correct pathing.

You need to clearly see where units can move, where only bots can move (vehicles not) and where only all-terrain units can go.

1.1 Test pathing for various unit-groups

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1.2 Subtle tweaks in heightmap to close 'gaps'

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Needed tools:

1. Springboard

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Metal & Energy

2. Metal, wind, tidal and geos

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Pre-release preparations

3. What to do when you are ready to release

First the core BAR dev team will look with you and help you where needed to improve the level of quality, in order for the map to be released/available to the public.

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Have a blast & Refine when needed


Your map is now officially live and can be played by everyone. Enjoy everyone playing on your map(s) and please, stick around to watch for feedback and possible needed fixes.

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