Donations for BAR

Keeping BAR in the air and also for leveling up, there are costs involved for servers, hosting, website, and more. One way to help us, is to donate $.

"We would like to take BAR to the next level"

But we could use some help

So that being said, you might wonder how that could be possible. Well in multiple ways to be exact. The most prominent being:

Play test the game (and tell us how it went)
Contribute by joining discord and join us in development
Donate some $ so we can keep servers running, pay for this website, and even pay for software or music or do some promotion

You can now Donate

If you do, please head over to our donate-for-bar page and chose a donation of your liking. We've tried to keep costs as low as possible to set this up. But this means that we handle donations (partly)manually. We'd like to list donateurs on our website, but by default we won't - only if you inform us to do so. You can do this through discord in een PM to one of the admins.

Let me see the donation options

Important: We don't make profit, every $ will be used for BAR and BAR only. You will find more information on how we spread donations across the team and annual costs that are involved.

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