New RED units

We remodeled more RED units to be better and more unique. Some of these also use our new glass shader.

More recogizability and uniqueness

Check out our new units for RED. In the last year we've updated quite a few, and we're not even showing each one here, but be sure to check out this selection.

New Camoflage

New in the RED arsenal is are units with special camoflage. These are used by ground units (mainly artillery, but also some amphibious units and seaplanes. This will make them stand out a bit more, to find and select them more quickly.

This faster recognition also goes for seaplanes and amphibious units.

Working on new Glass Shader

We're also working on implementing a new render technique so we can also use (hardened) glass in our units. Just to give certain units a more unique look and a true cockpit.

Some images

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