New GUI Elements

We've updated the GUI on multiple points, but here we'll show you (only a couple) 4.

New awesome GUI widgets

Metalspot indicator

Ever had troubles finding free metal outlets on the map? We have something that you will certainly appreciate. New metalspot indicator widget draws halos around the spots, additionally displaying the metal amount a given spot may produce. It displays them before the game starts and when you try to build a metal extractor. It is also accessible any time using metal spot view (F4).

Allycursor lights

A simple, yet very nice addition to GUI. In team play it is very helpful to see where your teammates attention if focused. Cursors of your team members will now glow, making it easier to see where they currently are.

Insufficient energy icons

Have you ever build an awesome defense line just to realize that it is not shooting, being out of energy? Most weapons in BAR need power to be useful. For this reason to avoid such situations we have prepared a widget that shows an icon over your units when they are not supplied with enough energy to shoot it's main weapon. This is especially helpful when fighting with your Commander. Thanks to this widget, you can see weather you may or may not use a D-gun at a particular moment.

Special thanks to Floris for the widget work.

All these widgets are optional, you can disable them in Settings.

Brand new cursor set

Thanks to IceXuick's amazing skills and determination we have just introduced a new complete new 60 FPS cursor animation-set. It comes in four sizes to fit any screen resolution or preference and will even auto-scale based on your resolution. Cursors are now more distinguishable, relevant and modern-looking. Take a look!

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