BAR Certified Maps

We want to set the standard high. Because it's both possible, and way more enjoyable to fight your battles on.

BAR-certified maps!

This is big.

With all the graphic improvements BAR has made in recent times, most of old low fidelity Spring Project maps just don't blend well with crispy units that use modern shaders and 4k textures.

For this reason we have undertaken a project of creating a new set of maps and map remakes made specifically with BAR's high-definition standards in mind. Enjoy the remakes of classics such as MoonQ20X, TMA, Comet Catcher or brand new concepts like Desert, or Alpha Siege Dry (WIP).

World Machine 2 & Springboard

With new powerful mapping tools like World Machine we are able to create realistic landscapes in considerably lower time than before. Stay tuned for more awesome maps to come! Do you have your own ideas for remakes or new maps? Let us know in Discord!

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