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February 12, 2024

Bugfixes and tiny features

A bunch of small items were just merged, nothing groundbreaking but maybe these will give you some relief if you've run into them. Fixed mex handling on several metal maps (note, this won't affect AI), fixed some line drag behavior and added an option related to it, fixed not being able to place buildings on top of other commands (e.g. move), fixed pregame building placement not indicating when a spot is blocked. More details below!

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February 12, 2024

Bugfixes and tiny features


  • Line drag can now be disabled when only a single unit is selected and shift is held. This is to avoid accidently placing a bunch of unwanted move orders when quickly microing a single unit. The option is in controls->commands
  • Gridmenu no longer blocks keybinds that use meta as a modifier. (ctrl, alt, and shift are still blocked due to bad interactions)


  • Fixed being unable to place blueprints on top of existing commands (primarily move commands)
  • Fight commands no longer break when dragging with a single unit
  • When hovering a building over invalid terrain during pregame, it will now correctly display that to the player
  • Fixed mex placement during pregame on a select number of metal maps, such as oort cloud
  • No longer display erroneous metal “spots” on full metal maps (again, such as oort cloud)
  • Deleted an old useless widget. I love deleting code :]

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