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November 16, 2023

Incorrect aimpositions of naval units have been fixed

A number of naval units had broken assumptions about their aimpositions.

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November 16, 2023

Incorrect aimpositions of naval units have been fixed

What are Aimpositions and why do they matter

Simply put aimpositions are the point that units aim to fire their weapon at to hit a target. Aimpositions are required to be surrounded by the units collision box for projectile collision checks to occur normally. If the collision box and aimposition are not following that assumption, it can lead to units aiming at areas that lead to direct misses each time the weapon is fired.

Incidentally there is also issues with the aimpositions being placed at the edges of collision boxes. edge placed aimpositions lead to significant amounts of missed shots that they player should not have to worry about. Aimpositions are not a defined value in unitdeffs, they are defined in the .s3o of each units model.

When was this discovered

About 2 hours before pr2243 was first pushed.

Balance Implications

It is impossible to not have balance implications occur with this type of change. There are bound to be edge cases that were not factored as the issue itself is a much worse problem to maintain. The balance implications of units should generally not be significantly different to what is expected. I will note that the dolphin is now able to use its full dps against the buccaneer (cortex T2 cruiser) now instead of an estimated 50% of effective dps. Yes the dolphin was missing about 50% of its shots against the buccaneer (cortex T2 cruiser) because of the badly placed aimposition.

tldr expect these ships to be hit more often.

Units affected

T1 armada

  • constrcution ship
  • dolphin
  • skater

T1 cortex

  • supporter
  • riptide
  • death cavalry
  • herring

T2 armada

  • haven
  • dragonslayer
  • voyager
  • longbow
  • bermuda

T2 cortex navy

  • buccaneer
  • phantasm

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