November 15, 2023

Otago 1.4

Otago Redux has received an update and a name change.

Last updated:
November 25, 2023

Otago 1.4

  • Name changed to Otago 1.4, this is a part of a larger ongoing effort to simplify map names.
  • Corrected fixed spawnpoint locations up to 3vs3
  • 21mb smaller filesize
  • Minimap no longer shows incorrect metal layout
  • Map extension visually improved
  • All tree features have been knocked down a size. So XL sized trees are now L, L now size M, etc
  • Grass is a little shorter
  • Features and their collisions got a pass over, Aleppos now have crushresistance = 30, and CylY shaped volumes. One of the rocks had a particularly bad colvol and has been replaced.

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