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June 17, 2024

Legion Vehicles Update 2, now live (and has been for a little bit!)

Thanks to the effort of Tharsis, Protar, Flaka, and myself, Legion's Tier 1 vehicle lab has been completely remodeled and made anew. Check 'em out!

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July 1, 2024

Legion Vehicles Update 2, now live (and has been for a little bit!)

Legion Tier 1 Vehicle Lab is now complete!

Whilst the ball is rolling, Tharsis, Protar, Flaka, and I (Zephyr), remodeled Legion’s tier 1 vehicle lab from top to bottom, and this specific lab can now be considered complete! Let’s take a closer look at the vehicles:

  • The Construction Vehicle, does what it says on the tin, it’s a tier 1 vehicle constructor making 10 energy/second, same as other vehicle cons. Modelled by Tharsis.
  • The Otter, an amphibious tier 1 constructor analogous to the Muskrat and Beaver, modelled by Zephyr.
  • The Cetus, a light amphibious tier 1 tank analogous to the Pincer and Garpike, modelled by Zephyr.
  • The Lance, a long-range railgun truck designed to shoot down enemy defences and incoming bombers alike, modelled by Tharsis.
  • The Helios, a mid-range heatray skirmisher tank with low health but high DPS, modelled by Zephyr.
  • The Decurion, a heavy, lumbering wall of a T1.5 tank equipped with a gatling gun, modelled by Protar.
  • The Sapper, a minelayer / minesweeper vehicle, modelled by Tharsis.
  • The Alaris, a fast, burst-fire light vehicle that packs a surprising punch, modelled by Tharsis.
  • The Hermes (pending a name change to the Wheelie), a light scout vehicle consisting of nothing more than two wheels with a gun strapped on top, this menace fires a burst of 5 bullets each round. Modelled by Flaka.

Quick pics of the above can be seen by checking out Tharsis’ GitHub PR for this update!

It should also be noted, since I missed it during the last Legion microblog, that the Legion Tier 1 Air Lab is also complete. It has been functionally complete for a while now thanks to the efforts of TheSilverHornet, but it was remodelled by Tharsis, Protar, and I, whose pictures you can check out at this GitHub PR link.

That’s all for now, stay tuned for even more exciting developments!

– Your pal, Zephyr

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