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June 3, 2024

Legion Static Defense Update 3, now live!

There's been quite a few defence turrets in Legion's lineup that's either been remodeled or made anew entirely, mainly focused in T2! Check 'em out!

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July 1, 2024

Legion Static Defense Update 3, now live!

There are new Legion static defenses to look out for!

Striking the iron whilst it’s hot, Tharsy (aka Tharsis/Tremor Enjoyer) and I have cooked up a sizable amount of Legion static defenses! These include:

  • The Supernova, Legion’s own nuclear missile silo, designed and modelled by Tharsy. Currently it behaves the same way as the Cortex one does for balance reasons, but its behaviour and function is subject to change in the near future.

  • The Olympus, Legion’s own long-range plasma cannon (LRPC). It fires a 3-round burst of Starfire cluster plasma shells that each split into 4 projectiles. DPS remains largely the same as the Basilisk and Basilica.

  • The Xyston, Legion’s own long-range Anti-Air turret. It is a long-range rail accelerator that, unlike it’s contemporaries the Mercury and Screamer, does not stockpile at all, and instead fires a 2-round rail burst every 5 seconds. Each volley requires 1800 energy to fire, but rewards you with better and more consistent DPS!

  • The Eviscerator, Legion’s own tier 2 Pop-Up Cluster plasma artillery. It is a direct upgrade to the Amputator sporting better stats across the board, with each shot bursting into 5 smaller plasma shells on impact.

In addition to this, a two static defenses were remodeled to better fit Legion’s current aesthetic.

  • The Perdition, the long-range tactical napalm launcher, has been fully remodeled by Tharsy.

  • The Hive, the tier 1 static drone defense pad, has been fully remodeled by me. It now sports 6 drones as opposed to the previous 4.

On top of this, we also have the Proteus, a tier 2 combat engineer bot. It is only a placeholder that substitutes in place of the Twitcher, so its role and buildlist are subject to change in the future, and will receive a full remodel at around the same time.

Thanks for tuning in! I wish we could show you pictures of the new stuff directly here but for now the next best thing is to check out the sneak peeks on the official GitHub pull request here:

The Legion train is nowhere near done, tune in next time to see what we have in store for you!

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