Red Comet


1 V 1
2 V 2
3 V 3
4 V 4

The Battled Comet

A Classic


A classic when it comes to strategy maps. A relative small map, though with lots of room to maneuver and it can hold up to 10 players.

The large craters can be accessed by bots, for staging area's, or refuge when being chased by Bulldogs or a Goliath.

True to the original, with subtle extra details in heighmap and a completely revamped texture, typemap, specular, DNTS splatmap and normalmap.

Original map i used for heightmap was from NoiZe!

Update 1.7: Even sharper texture and extra specular metal spots so they look better and you can find them a bit faster.
Update 1.8: 4x more detail in normal map (8k)!




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