Comet Catcher BAR


1 V 1
2 V 2
3 V 3
4 V 4
5 V 5

Comet Catcher Remake

Fight on a comet


A BAR remake of the classic Comet Catcher. Based on the great version of NoiZe.

Everything is practically the same as the original, only 90 degrees rotated. What began as a bug in the map-compiler, resulted in this landscape-version, which isn't that bad at all considering our native 16:9 screens nowadays.

Wage war on this desolated and eroded rocky planet. There still is some slight atmosphere so winds between 1-4.

Update 1.8 - Lots of extra texture details scattered across the map and in flatter area's. Also repainted specular and DNTS for better visuals on metalspots and mountain tops. And a pretty big improvement in overall texture sharpness + some tweaks to lighting.




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