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May 21, 2021

SEA changes 2021

last update 26 may 2021


1. UW Laser range increased from 260->300
2. UW Laser dps increased from 150->225, 150 dps against subs

Sea Defenses

Torpedo launcher

1. Added 400 sonar range
2. Targeting improvements

Depthcharge launchers

1. Range increased from 530->600
2. Fire rate and dps reduced by 20%
3. Health increased from 1520/1610 to 2000/2100
4. Buildtime increased ~50% (slows repairing)

T2 Torp launchers

1. Cor damage per hit reduced from 1400->1100
2. Arm reloadtime increased from 1.73->2.16
3. Added 400 sonar range

NEW Cortex Devastator

1. cost of 1200m, 6000 health
2. 3 independent weapons, plasma artillery with 900 range, HLT with 630 range, LLT with 370 range
3. Able to be closer to only take 1/4 damage
4. Specialized for destroying attacking T1 ships and hovercraft

NEW Armada Kraken

1. cost of 1000m, 4000 health
2. Rapid-fire plasma with 800 range
3. Specialized for destroying attacking T1 ships and hovercraft


T1 Ship Cons

1. Guardian/Punisher added to buildlist
2. Geothermal added to buildlist (land only)

T2 Sub Cons

1. Devastator/Kraken added to buildlist

T2 Engineer Ships

1. Build range increased from 136->250
2. Ambusher/Toaster added to buildlist

Arm Corvette

1. Arm Decade health increased 800->825

Cor Corvette

1. Unit has been reworked, model is smaller than before
2. Cost reduced to 100m
3. Health reduced to 375
4. DPS reduced to 74
5. LOS increased to 500
6. Renamed to Gun Boat

Arm Patrol Boat:

1. Stealth added to unit
2. Sonar range of 400
3. Cost reduced to 170m
4. Max speed increased by 10%
5. AA weapon dps reduced by 20%
6. LOS increased to 750

Cor Patrol Boat:

1. Unit has been reworked, model size increased slightly
2. Primary weapon changes from laser to slasher missiles with 650 range (can fire at air)
3. Secondary AA weapon dps reduced by 50%
4. Max velocity reduced by 20%
5. Reloadtime changed to 2.2, dps of 21
6. LOS decreased to 670
7. Hitbox adjusted to prevent firing over each other
8. Missile tracking reduced to add inaccuracy against small or retreating units
9. Unit renamed to Missile Corvette


1. Frigates given a 10% health buff
2. Frigates given a 10% max speed buff
3. Cor frigate hitbox adjusted so they can fire over each other


1. Turret turnrates reduced (now 100 for arm and 60 for cor)
2. Arm destroyer reloadtime increased from 1.2->1.6, dps unchanged
3. E costs increased 50% from 5x metal cost to 7.5x metal cost

The arm destroyer will now feel noticeably 'heavier' than frigates do.  


1. Cruiser health increased (3950->4500 arm, 4000->5000 cor)
2. Cruiser dps reduced (20% reduction for arm, 15% reduction for cor)
3. Cor cruisers hitbox adjusted so they can fire over each other
4. Cruiser's depthcharge changed from 1 large depthcharge with 450 damage to a 2-burst 225 damage.  

Missile Ships:

1. Reduced radar range from 1400->1000


1. Cor Battleship health increased 8000->10000
2. Cor Battleship cost increased slightly 3300->3400m
3. Cor Battleship main cannon range increased 860->950
4. Cor Battleship laser reloadtime decreased 15%
5. Arm Battleship has continuous fire instead of burst fire
6. Arm Battleship range increased 830->880


1. Light AA added to both flagships (equivalent to 2 T1 ferret aa towers)
2. Cor Flagship cost reduced from 18900->18000m
3. Cor Flagship max velocity increased by 20%
4. Cor Flagship laser reloadtime decreased by 15%


1. All sub damage and health has been reworked
2. Most special damages against subs have been removed
3. Subs are generally more durable and less damaging than before
4. The T2 subs roles have been reworked
5. Sub water depth increased so subs are usually at water bottom instead of near surface
6. T1 subs now have 950 health
7. T1 subs now deal 342 damage per shot, 2.5s reload time


1. These units are ~30% faster than T1 subs
2. Arm subkiller has 2100 health and costs 950m, Cor subkiller has 1450 health and costs 730m
3. Range is 400, torp tracks and deals 350 default and 650 to subs, 2.8s reload
4. These units are good at chasing down enemy subs, moving in for opportunistic attacks, and raiding


1. These units are ~30% slower than t1 subs
2. Costs 1800/1900m, Has 3200/3500 health
3. Range of 800/850, reloadtime of 8s, 1650 damage per shot
4. Unit has a similar role to a sniper or to long-range ground artillery



1. Speeds increased by 5% (arm) and 10% (cor)
2. Cor hovertank health increased 6% to be on par with the anaconda
3. Ranges increased from 430->470


1. Fast attack hovers given more reasonable buildtimes
2. Turret turnrate increased from 150->200


1. Halberd los increased (349->450)


Torpedo Bombers:

1. Added 800 range radar+sonar, los 455->500  
2. Reduced max velocity from 328 and 317 to 285 and 279  
3. Reduced flight altitude from 120 to 90  
4. Split main weapon into 3-round burst (500 damage each instead of 1500)
5. Increased cost from 330/340 to 400/410m to compensate for added features.

Torpedo Bombers are now able to attack underwater units without support.  
Fight and Patrol commands are much more effective now.  

Seaplane Gunships:

1. Targeting/tracking improvements
2. LOS increased 455->535

3. Sonar added 535 range

Seaplane gunships should now be able to hit targets that are running away.
Sonar has been added, are now able to attack underwater units without support.


Arm Guardian, Arm Ambusher Cor Punisher, and Cor Toaster no longer deal bonus damage to sea units, but have increased default damage

5 new scavenger ships have been added

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