New Engine 1764

New Engine name, Performance and Pathing improvements, AMD GPU fixes, better unit formations

May 16, 2023

Engine Update 1764


Our ever growing dev-team have released a new engine today.
If anything breaks after this release for you, please let us know! Below you can find a concise summary of information that's relevant to players & developers:

Patch Notes

For Players

  • Engine is now called Recoil ivand
  • Performance improvements in simulation mostly around pathing Tarnished Knight
  • A number of minor pathing bugs fixed Tarnished Knight
  • Units respond to formation move commands better: units will move into formation faster, with less walking across each other's paths. Tarnished Knight
  • Fixed bug AMD GPU saw incorrect units under construction ivand
  • Better shadow performance via more accurate culling badosu & ivand
  • Units will now give consideration to selecting targets in front of their weapons when choosing new targets. Can reduce average unit aim time. Helpful when fighting swarms or when flanked.

For Developers

  • Better Profiling Support Tracy Profiler Marek
  • Better Engine documentation badosu
  • Initial support for skinning animations ivand
  • AI improvements, better configurability lamer
  • Unit weapons can now be marked for fast auto-retargeting which allows the weapon to retarget faster when its current target is destroyed. Useful for rapid fire weapons

Units Affected

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Mentionable team members

Tarnished Knight

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