New Engine 1538-1544

Fix desyncs, Performance and stability improvements, Lots of bug fixes, Some save-game fixes

February 23, 2023

Engine Update 1538 + 1544

105.1.1-1538 & 105.1.1-1544

We are delighted to share with you the news of yet another engine update. In this release, our amazing devs have dedicated most of their efforts towards enhancing stability and resolving numerous vexing bugs. If anything breaks after this release for you, please let us know! Below you can find a concise summary of all the pertinent information that's relevant to players:

Patch Notes

For Players

  • Fixed the issue with units, esp. constructors behaving weirdly around factories
  • Improved stability for auto file downloading and scanning archives during early loading
  • Resolved issue where the game window appeared frozen or unresponsive during archive scanning
  • Improved multi-threaded game loading stability
  • Fixed rendering issues with default water on non-NVIDIA drivers
  • Fixed a performance issue with giving certain types of units, such as all-terrain spiders, a very long range move command
  • Fixed the issue where units could, in rare situations, change their direction while walking and go in the wrong direction
  • Fixed the issue where maps with missing or invalid details texture received a red tint.
  • Improved reporting of missing map textures
  • Fixed save game crashes in games with the Barbarian AI
  • Particle effects can now also cast proper shadows with set levels of transparency
  • General bug fixes and behind-the-scenes performance improvements
  • Fixed desync-related issues

For Developers

There have been a ton of under-the-hood improvements and new features that concern development, the full summary for those interested may be found here::

Units Affected

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Mentionable team members

Tarnished Knight

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