New Engine 966

Coming hot with the new engine update to make your game even more awesome

June 23, 2022

Engine Update 966


Coming hot with the new engine update to make your game even more awesome

Patch Notes

For Players

  • Ground restore command now works correctly when using the map_waterlevel mod option.
  • Aircraft should now be able to fly at the correct height around terrain that has been significantly deformed.
  • Further background work on key binds via scancodes for better (future) customization of keybinds
  • Various behind the scenes engine improvements
  • Grass is no longer drawn where buildings are placed
  • Prep-work for new GL4 decal rendering (for much better performing ground scarring)

For Developers

  • Lua can now build pairs of texture atlases, e.g. pairs of diffuse and normal maps for multiple decals.
  • Hover units are no longer forced to be upright regardless on the terrain slope they are travelling over. To keep this behaviour with hover units, set upright = true in the appropriate Unit Defs.
  • The Smooth Height Mesh can now be disabled with a mod rule system.enableSmoothMesh = false
  • New function, Spring.AddUnitExperience(unitID, delta_xp). Can be used to subtract XP, but the unit's total XP cannot be reduced below zero.
  • /keydump now returns well-ordered output- Scancodes work with engine actions, e.g. bind sc_z buildunit_armlab
  • Fix KeyChains being triggered on improper keypresses (most users never used it anyway)
  • Fix /keydebug printed char labels (for power users that customize uikeys)
  • Fix duplicate bound actions with distinct comments, e.g. bind z something // differences here duplicate action bindings
  • "$explosions" and "$groundfx" accepted by gl.GetEngineAtlasTextures
  • removed LOD unit rendering (far 2d billboards) including /distdraw command and UnitLodDist springconfig entry

Units Affected

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Mentionable team members

Tarnished Knight

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