New Engine 861

Save-Load, Silly Weapons, Cursors, GPU optimizations and correct AMD detections

February 9, 2022

Engine Update 861


The latest engine update addresses quite some bugs and minor optimizations and various fixes for the items below

Patch Notes

  1. Save-Load working again
  2. Beherith's smoothness fixes (need enabling via commands)
    To counter frame jitter, most notable in single-player games
    change them in-game with /set TimeSmoothOffset 3 (enable) or 0 (disable)
  3. Fix to underwater seaplanes
    seaplanes no longer fly underwater if you raise the waterlevel with mod options.
  4. Spring probably works on Wayland
    (slightly crippled in hardware cursor department)
  5. Unit positions in quadtrees now updated every frame
    to prevent silly weapon misses
  6. Multiple fixes to Cursors
  7. Optimizations to the way transformation matrices are uploaded to GPU
    (only update what got updated)
  8. Correct detection of AMD core count on AMD processors that use SMT
    (fixes a performance problem on those processors)
  9. Various bugfixing and minor change

Units Affected

No items found.

Mentionable team members

Tarnished Knight

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