New Engine 1199 and 1214

Better pathing, more multithreaded optimizations and the long awaited (much) faster download system.

September 23, 2022

Engine Update 1199


We've rolled out a fancy new engine build. A while has passed since we did the last update and I previously hinted, this one is absolutely huge. From better pathing, through more multithreading optimization to a long awaited rapid download system, the developers have really made the grade here.

We have split the changes into two lists for better readability, for general players and for those interested in more technical details:

Patch Notes

For Players

  • Major improvement in the launcher and general download system - at last, every user, no matter of his location can now download game content at their full bandwidth. No more boring updates, the launcher and in-game downloads are now ultra-fast.
  • Initial game download is up to 2.5 times quicker on Windows on decent internet connections.
  • More components of unit movement got multithreaded, which improved game performance of groups of units moving around. So those large late game clumps of ticks should have less impact on the game speed for example. We just had a 5000 unit game with big unit spams with little to no sim slowdown
  • Maximum pushing speed introduced - this will make sure exploiting faster units to push heavier ones is not possible anymore.
  • A major stepping stone into UI-configurable key binds has been reached.
  • Fixed compatibility with many unorthodox keyboard setups


  • Improved overall smoothness of spring camera. Especially on rotating and tilting the camera
  • Fixed rotational overhead camera yaw rotations spinning the other way when reaching 360 degrees.
  • Fixed an issue where the game would seem to freeze for a second whether a player or spectator left in the middle of a match.
  • Fixed downloads on multiple Linux distributions
  • Fixed SaveLoad memory leaks and hang-ups in case when AllyTeams > 2 and one or more teams died.

Special kudos to Tarnished Knight for the movement improvements and optimization, Marek for the light-speed downloads, Ivand for new graphic possibilities and major fixes, Badosus for keyboard handing improvements, lamer for safeload fixes and Hox2 for camera and cursor work. Also big thanks to everyone who helped us test and quality-check this release, without you this would not be possible!

Engine Update 1214


A Hotfix to address certain small needed fixes.

On some systems there was a performance degradations, which has been tracked down, and already fixed for a second hotfix. Coming soon!

Units Affected

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Mentionable team members

Tarnished Knight

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